Net1 Indonesia Holds Digital Activity #MauAda4Gdimana?

Rakyat Aceh

Capturing aspirations to choose priority locations in Indonesia

toearn 4G LTE broadband data access

Jakarta, May 18, 2018 (RA) – Net1 Indonesia, provider of 4G LTE broadband data services, holds an exciting digital activity named #MauAda4Gdimana meaning “where should 4G access exist?”, from May 7– July 7, 2018. Basically, this is a competition to invitepeople playing an active role to determine certainlocationsin Indonesia where data broadband should be easily accessed. People from all around the country can select a number of locations in Indonesia to obtain LTE 4G networkthat will be realized by Net1 Indonesia.

So far, many areas in Indonesia cannot access internet yet. Adequate 4G data access can be something priceless for people in remote area to support their activities. According toa data from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,Republic of Indonesia, by end of 2017 there have been 55.000 eNodeB or Long Term Evolution radio network elements (LTE) to support 4G signal coverage in Indonesia. Net1 Indonesia is committed to increase these figures. One of its effort to mapping the location isby holding #MauAda4Gdimanadigital activity.

Meanwhile, mentioned that 73.53% of provinces in Indonesia or 25 provinces have been exposed with 4G network. However, only 55.05% among the villages/sub-lower districts in Indonesia (45,811 villages/sub-lower districts) can be reached by 4G signal service. Based on the data and as a data broadband service provider, Net1 Indonesia is eager to provide internet connection, especially in rural areas and remote areas in Indonesia.

“Digital activity #MauAda4Gdimana is an initiative from Net1 Indonesia to invite the community to have an active role and participatein our big mission, which is spreading the data broadband services to regions where 4G does not exist yet, especially for society in underserved, rural and remote area. Thus, we are committed to present 4G LTE service in the most voted area,” said Larry Ridwan, CEO of Net1 Indonesia.

Competition #MauAda4Gdimana is open to all Indonesian citizens ages 18 years old above. As a further requirement, participants who areinterested in entering this competition must have an active Facebook account and Like the Fanpage Facebook of Net1 Indonesia, following Instagram @net1_id and Twitter @net1id.

Competition Mechanism

Participants interested to join #MauAda4Gdimana competition can open microsite to select #MauAda4Gdimana. Then, participants can choose a location that is championed as a 4G network receiver from Net1 by selecting VOTE in the options provided.

Before joining the campaign of #MauAda4Gdimana, participants need to register by filling some information in the provided form, then participants can login with mobile phone number. To get support for a voted location in order to win the 4G LTE access from Net1 Indonesia, participants can invite their Facebook friends and promote it through their Facebook account using hashtag #MauAda4Gdimana. Most voted location will be prioritized to obtain 4G LTE network from Net1 Indonesia.

Net1 Indonesia will select the win voters and appreciate with 9 units of Net1 Argomobile Wi-Fi device, 99 credits worth IDR100,000 and 999 credits worth IDR50,000. Winners will be announced on July 14, 2018 through and all Net1 Indonesia social media accounts at the end of the competition period. #MauAda4Gdimana competition is free of charge for the participants.

Net1 Cooperation with Local Government

Net1 Indonesia has also cooperated with a number of local governments in district and province level throughout Indonesia. The local governments cooperate with Net1 Indonesia to provide data broadband access for societies in sub urban and remote areas in their domain. Among others, MusiBanyuasin Regency, West Halmahera Regency, Talaud Islands Regency, Tual City, SiauTagulandangBiaro (Sitaro) IslandsRegency, Sangihe Islands Regency, TelukBintuni Regency and Kaimana Regency, are mentioned to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to working together building 4G based communications infrastructure with Net1 Indonesia.

The cooperation with a number of local governments that have been started since 2017 is a first step for Net1 Indonesia to be able to meet the needs of data access for 260 million Indonesian population who lives in more than 140.000 islands.